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 Items needed to estimate your project:

1.   Complete copy of the mechanical drawings (hard copy preferred).

2.   Specification section for duct construction (23xxx).

3.   Attend coordination meetings? If so, how many meetings to attend?

Items needed to begin your drawing coordinated shop drawings:

1.     A full set of contract drawings in paper format. These are a “record” contract set whereas the CAD files are not.

2.     Specification sections Division 1 (general conditions) and Division 23 (general requirements and sheet metal related sections)

3.     CAD files in .dwg format:

a.     Architectural floor plans to include grid (required). 

b.    Reflected ceiling (if available).

c.    Structural (if available).

d.    Mechanical plans (not required but very helpful).

4.     Submittals of:

a.    Grilles, registers and diffusers.

b.    AHU’s, FC’s, EXF’s, VAV’s, etc…

c.    Fitting types, round and rectangular (if none noted we will use our SMACNA standards).

5.     Prioritized list of drawing needs with target dates and/or absolute need dates.

Why are CAD files (backgrounds) needed?

1.     Architectural floor plans and grid lines are needed so that they do not need to be redrawn. Re-drawing the floor plan is an arduous, time consuming and expensive task.

2.     Mechanical back grounds are used as a “map” for routing the 3-D HVAC. This eliminates the need to scale and re-figure where the designer intends the duct to be.

3.     Structural plans provide the “map” for placing the 3-D steel.

4.     Reflected ceiling backgrounds allow the detailer to see immediately as to which ceilings are suspended and which ones are not and usually include elevations.

All of these combined allow us to create a 3-D model of your project so that we can ensure to the best of our ability that the HVAC fits between all aspects of the project.