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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

    • Q: My business is in a different city or state, how will this affect our relationship and can you perform long distance services?
    • A:I am asked this frequently and the simple answer is that different geographical locations do not matter in this information age. All of the work performed to create coordinated shop drawings can and is done via e-mail and Internet.

    • Q: Can you attend on site coordination meetings?
    • A: Yes I can. This can be handled one of two ways:
      • Inform me during the bid process that you would like for me to attend x amount of on site coordination meetings and I will include this into the proposal.
      • Inform me during the project that an on-site coordination meeting is required and then I will separetly invoice expenses to include receipts.

    • Q:Which HVAC software do you use and why?
    • A: I now use PractiCAD because of its intelligence, intuitive design and 2nd to none support. It is completely compatible with Navis Works and is down-loadable to our CAM (plasma) software as well. I use InteliCAD HVAC software and have for 12 years. I have searched out all the new latest and greatest softwares available but have found that they all do the same exact thing... some things better and some things worse, but achieve the same end result... coordinated shop drawings.

    • Q: Do you have access to other HVAC software programs?
    • A: Yes we do, we just prefer PractiCAD. 

    • Q: Are Plan Check Comment changes include?
    • A: Yes, as long as the plan check comments are not design changes, revisions, etc...

    • Q:Are "AS-BUILTS" included?
    • A: Yes.

    • Q: Are plots included?
    • A: No. All drawings are transmitted via e-mail or CD in PDF format. Plots can be provided at an additional cost.

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